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Bachelor of Fine Arts Solo Exhibition

I want my viewers to feel my experiences. This series captures a combination of memories and family events through collections of personal photographs and videos. Through the use of a vibrant color palette I want people to connect with vivid, specific instances of my life.


Although, we walk different ways of life, we all find ourselves recalling the essence of past time. In reliving a previous moment, we can hold on to happiness, that last moment with a lost one or even the innocence of childhood that was taken for granted.

James Robert Greer II.
Sunday Dinner.
Grandma's Porch.
"Y'all wanna play go outdoes!"
Coogi. Pool. Youngins.
"Girls, just one picture for momma!"
"Y'all are making a mess!"
Zoos a crowd.
Zoo Daze.
Easter Sunday.
Daddy's Cadillac.
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