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Detroit, Michigan.

Simone Bryant, a Detroit-born artist, specializes in oil painting. Her art beautifully captures Black culture through vibrant colors and storytelling using memorabilia. From a young age, Simone's passion for art was ignited by cartoons and graffiti. She pursued her artistic education at Michigan State, focusing on Painting and Photography. Simone's work evolved to incorporate old family photographs, infusing her paintings with nostalgic tones and placing herself within these moments. Her artwork often explores her family and intimate relationships. Recognizing the lack of representation of Black culture in paintings during her adolescence, Simone aims to amplify the voices and personal stories of Black people through her work. Her art has been showcased in various galleries and exhibitions, including Chroma Detroit, Design Studio 6, Gallery 46, Griffin's Garden, Irwin House Gallery and Norwest Gallery of Art and Womxnhouse Detroit.

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